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Project Description

brim, veer (2014)

Premiered by Felix del Tredici, bass trombone; Matthias Soly-Letarte, percussion; David Brongo, percussion
24 November 2016
Salle Multimédia, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

Instrumentation: amplification, bass trombone, tam-tam, hammered dulcimer, glass jar, piano, coin, kalimba, suspended cymbal, celesta

The title brim, veer is a combination of a noun and a verb (in this context), in which the former expresses a state and the latter, an action.

This binary represents the dialectic between timelessness and impermanence.

The word, brim, refers to the state of being in proximity to an existing boundary as expressed in the observation of sounds that lie on the threshold of audibility.

The word, veer, refers to the ambiguity of directionality as expressed in the shifting phrase lengths and the contrasts between periodicity and aperiodicity. Furthermore, the word signifies an attempt to present contrasting temporalities between metrical time and chronometrical time.

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